Why your business needs a website (interview)

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Danielle Wallace of Chayil Media Publishing. Chayil Media Publishing is a public relations boutique agency that specializes in brand storytelling for businesses and personal brands. Danielle and I chatted about all things websites and why your business needs a website. If you know me and you’re familiar with my work, I set up websites for millennials who want to start online businesses and travel, you know I was super excited for this interview.

Here’s what chatted about:

  • The value of having a website for your business (and why having a presence on social media isn’t enough)
  • Basic elements that every business should have on their website
  • Website aesthetics and how important is it for your site to align consistently with your brand’s personality
  • Why potential customers or clients would leave a business website uninterested

Check out Danielle’s website Chayil Media Publishing to read the full interview and let us know if these tips helped you if you have an existing site that needs to be refreshed or you’re just starting your business.




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