*Actual footage of me after someone shares with me how to escape winter without breaking the bank.* I’m all about creating and finding amazing travel experiences without spending a crazy amount of money. This applies to everything from flights to accommodations and trip activities. I’m not the backpacking budget traveler. However, I consider myself to […]

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How to Escape Winter Without Breaking the Bank

Can I share something with you guys? Staycations are my jam! As much as I enjoy globetrotting, staycations are just as fun and can typically be an inexpensive way to create a vacation-like experience without traveling too far from home. Recently I planned a staycation in Richmond, Virginia for a few days, which is about […]

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How to Plan Your Next Staycation

A friend of mine told me he once booked a roundtrip flight from NYC to Atlanta for $11. 😳 I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never seen flights that cheap in the states. What’s his secret? Loyalty Programs! I’m typically #teamflightdeal all day every day. If you saw my post from a few weeks ago […]

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Here’s The Real Deal About Travel Reward Programs

Sing Ken Ken is a Balinese phrase that means “no worries” and that’s exactly how I felt when this picture was taken during the purification ritual at the Holy Water Temple, after, realizing the water I was standing in had crabs, snakes and giant koi fish swimming around.😳 When you’re in Bali basking in the Balinese […]

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Why I’m obsessed with Bali and Why You Should be Too

Can I be real with you guys? You don’t have to quit your job to travel. YES I SAID IT! Lol I know you’re probably thinking “Ebonee, you quit your job.” And yes, that is true. I left the corporate world in 2016. Making the decision to leave a job to travel definitely isn’t easy. […]

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How to Travel While Working Full-Time

Stop right now and add Momondo to your bookmarked pages on your internet browser. You’ll thank me later after you read this post. This site is LIFE CHANGING. (And no this isn’t a sponsored post. Although, Momondo, if you’re reading this, let’s talk! lol) But in all seriousness, this site is amazing. I’ve used Momondo […]

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The Secret to Finding Super Cheap Flights