The Secret to Finding Super Cheap Flights

Stop right now and add Momondo to your bookmarked pages on your internet browser. You’ll thank me later after you read this post. This site is LIFE CHANGING. (And no this isn’t a sponsored post. Although, Momondo, if you’re reading this, let’s talk! lol)

But in all seriousness, this site is amazing. I’ve used Momondo several times to find cheap flights for myself and others. My girl Xan actually found it when we were searching for the cheapest ways to fly around the world and it became our lifesaver for sure.

It’s really easy to use. It works just like any other site you use to search for flights. However, the difference with Momondo is that you can’t actually book flights on their site, it’s more of a search engine. After you type in your departure/arrival city and dates of travel, Momondo scans the internet for the lowest fares and then directs you to a third party site where you can purchase the flight.

Through trial and error, we came up with the perfect two-step system for finding flight deals using Momondo.

Ya’ll know I love sharing valuable information, especially when it comes to travel. Sharing is caring. So here’s the two-step process that will save you on your next flight:

1. Always (ALWAYS) start off using Google flights

Google flights is where it’s at. I start my search by checking out the cheapest dates to travel by using the Google Flights fare calendar. You can do this one of two ways. The first way is how I typically look for flights. I type in the departure/arrival city and then open the fare calendar to find the cheapest round trip fare.

The second way is to start off doing the same thing (entering in your departure city information), but this time leave the arrival city blank and Google will show you the cheapest cities to travel to from your destination and the cheapest days to fly there.

2.Head over to “”

Next, enter in the cheapest flight information (flight dates and departure/arrival city) into Momondo and Momondo will search the internet for the cheapest fares.

This method has worked for us several times. I actually just showed someone else how to do this. She was searching for an international flight from the US to Amsterdam and I was able to find a flight $25 cheaper using Momondo. I know $25 isn’t a huge saving, but at the end of the day, savings are savings. During my trip, I’ve saved anywhere from $20 to close to $100 on a flight, which is why I love this site so much. It just all depends on where you’re going and when you’re booking the flight.

I’d love to hear what you guys think and if you currently use this system for booking flights or if you have another system you use. Share it below. Xo



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