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The Perfect Getaway -Getaway House DC

I planned the perfect escape with Getaway House and got to stay in a tiny, cozy cabin in the woods. I camped out at the DC Outpost, which is about two hours from DC and not too far from the Shenandoah National Park, in Stanardsville, VA. Although it’s the perfect backdrop for any Instagram photo, this experience was so much more than that. It’s a great way to rest and unplug for the weekend or a short trip during the week, which is what I did.

Ebonee Travels Getaway House DC

According to a Washington Post article I read about the Getaway House, “People have gotten engaged at Getaway. Multiple babies have been conceived at Getaways. Multiple people have reported coming to Getaway after chemotherapy, deaths in the family, after taking big tests and right before being deployed.”

Getaway was started by two Harvard Grads who believe in the importance of having balance in our current overworked and always plugged in modern lifestyle. The idea to put small cabins in remote areas outside major cities so people can disconnect and relax is genius. And to be honest, it’s something we all need every now and then. I found the whole Getaway idea fascinating and was so excited to partner with them.

At the DC Outpost, you have the option to enjoy nearby attractions such as the Shenandoah National Park, the Early Mountain Vineyards, or go hiking to Blue Hole or up Hightop Mountain. But some Getawayers opt to enjoy a few days in nature just relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. There’s no WiFi’s connection available on the grounds. And if you want to truly disconnect, you can lock away your cell phone in the wooden cell phone lock box provided in each cabin.

Getaway Essentials

Ebonee Travels Getaway House DC

From the outside, it looks pretty small, but on the inside, it’s a lot more spacious than you think. Each cabin is fully equipped with a mini kitchen, kitchen utensils, and a small refrigerator. The kitchen is stocked with snacks and packaged food for a fee. There’s also a small bathroom with a shower. To me, this was more of a glamping experience. I’ve always wanted to go camping, but to be honest I was never thrilled about the idea of staying overnight in the woods in just a tent. This was the perfect way to experience the best of both worlds.

Getaway House DC Kitchen

This may sound a bit crazy, or so it did to my family, but I stayed in the cabin alone. But I felt completely safe. It’s so quiet and peaceful outside during the day and at night. I think it would be fun to go with a group or your significant other. The cabin I stayed in was in a “cul-de-sac” and I was surrounded by two cabins, which were both about 200 feet away. I actually got a chance to meet my neighbors. One couple told me they were visiting from the DC area. There are about 20 tiny houses on the land. I also read that there are bears in the area, but thankfully I didn’t see any during my stay at the outpost.

The Getaway team was super sweet and created a special offer for my tribe (aka all of you guys). *USE THE CODE: EBONEETRAVELS25 when you book to get $25 off your stay. Getaway Outposts are located outside of DC (in Stanardsville, VA), Boston (in Epsom, NH), NYC (in Catskill, NY), and Atlanta (in Suches, Georgia). Check out the video below to see a tour of the entire cabin. Thank you Getaway House team for the welcome s’mores and for hosting me! Would you guys stay in a tiny cabin in the woods?



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