The Scoop on Dating While Traveling

  1. Teph says:

    I’ve never dated while traveling but I remember when I was in Brazil one of the guys traveling with me was using that tender app and let’s just say I think ppl were more interested in just hooking up while away. Lmao @ u willing to risk it all! That would have been some story to tell from Columbia- but everything happens for a reason. I don’t think I could even try to date while traveling just because it seems like it would end up being really complicated but more power to those who can do it

    • EboneeWilliams says:

      A lot of people use dating apps when they’re traveling. I’ve noticed that sometimes use it to meet people in the area. LOL girl, I was going to risk it all! Then reality set in. haha I truly believe that also, everything certainly happens for a reason. There are people that end up finding their boo while traveling. I’ll have to do a part two if that ends up happening to me! lol

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