The Importance of Having a Tribe

  1. Toby R Williams says:

    I’m trying to develop a tribe around my passion project and this is great advice.

    • EboneeWilliams says:

      Thank you!! Tribes are essential to our growth. I’d love to hear how everything goes with finding your tribe.

  2. Greg says:

    I agree that finding a tribe is important and this post is deep. Thank you for sharing. Living in my new city of Austin, and being so used to my last “tribe” in Boston that I had for over 20 years it is hard to find a new one aligned with my goals and where I am in at in life. Thanks for sharing.

    • EboneeWilliams says:

      Thank you, Greg! It’s definitely important and I can relate to what you’re saying about moving to a different city. I moved from NYC back to Virginia and was in search of a tribe here too. While it can be challenging to find a tribe in a new city, it’s not impossible! Good luck finding your new tribe. I hope you’re able to use some of the tips I mentioned in the blog post to help you on your journey. xo

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