How I started an online business setting up websites without any experience

I launched my blog 2 years ago without knowing exactly how I would start monetizing. In fact I made $0 in my first six months. 

I don’t know where I got this idea that I would be making all this money after I launched my blog. Now looking back on my early blogging days, there were a few HUGE problems that were standing in the way of me turning my blog into a biz: 

  1. I didn’t have a strategy 
  2. I didn’t have an offer 
  3. I didn’t have a system 

However, the one thing I did have was an email list and an opt-in. I knew I needed a list because I know you guys have heard the saying “the money is in the list,” and blah blah blah….but my monetization strategy was a little shaky. So the list wasn’t bringing in anything. 

I’ve always been a fan of investing in mentors, coaches, courses, etc. I LOVE taking courses. I had a call with a mentor/biz coach and I told her about my problem and she flat out told me “Honey, you need to be making money in your business.” 

After our call, I set up and launched my website service based on a new skill I learned. I became my own case study for setting up WordPress websites and email marketing campaigns. 

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