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The other day I was reading “52 Places to Go in 2019” on the NY Times Travel page and several places in the U.S. were part of the top 20 places to visit in the WORLD.   Curious to see which places were included in the top 20 list, according to the NY Times, here they […]

Ebonee Jumping

Can I share something with you guys? Staycations are my jam! As much as I enjoy globetrotting, staycations are just as fun and can typically be an inexpensive way to create a vacation-like experience without traveling too far from home. Recently I planned a staycation in Richmond, Virginia for a few days, which is about […]

ขอบคุณ (kháawp-khun) = “thank you” (in Thai) I’ve traveled to several countries and spent a good amount of time in each place; however, the only language I speak fluently is English. Not being fluent in another language has never stopped me from visiting, or wanting to visit, a foreign country. And actually, I never thought […]

Sing Ken Ken is a Balinese phrase that means “no worries” and that’s exactly how I felt when this picture was taken during the purification ritual at the Holy Water Temple, after, realizing the water I was standing in had crabs, snakes and giant koi fish swimming around.😳 When you’re in Bali basking in the Balinese […]