4 Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Feng Shui In Any Workspace

  1. Teph says:

    Loving these tips! Thinking about redoing my office / studio space and I will definitely be using these tips, I never thought about positioning toward the door or window but I can see how that would create a good flow. Keep you posted as my office comes to life

    • EboneeWilliams says:

      I agree! This was a fun post to do. I never really thought about how all these things impact our mood either. Please keep me updated on how the office space comes along. Send me a photo when you’re done! xo

  2. Keeley says:

    Great post. Things we never consider when creating a work or living space. I feel like I’m always decluttering rooms in my house. I will definitely incorporate these ideas when decluttering in the future.

    • EboneeWilliams says:

      Thank you! I’ll be working on decluttering as well. I’m glad to hear you’ll be incorporating these ideas! xo

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